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Mission and Vision

The mission of One River Alliance is to unite all stakeholders along the Delaware River. By fostering an environment for connection, collaboration, and creation, OneRiv hopes to facilitate and optimize the transformative potential of the Delaware River ecosystem. One River intends to serve as both a coordinating entity and a spearhead for new events along the River in an effort to drive unprecedented socioeconomic change and enhance the quality of life along the Delaware River.
The vision of One River Alliance is to solidify the Delaware River as a national recreational destination and ultimately secure designation as a National Recreational Area.




1. Connect


2. Collaborate


3. Create


Inaugural Event

July 4th Fireworks Festival

When: 4 PM to 10 PM, July 4th, 2019
Where: Pleasant Hill Park
Vendor: Pyrotecnico
Community Partners: SureShade and Maggie's Waterfront Cafe


Non-Profit Organizations | Land Owners/Developers | Environmental Organizations | Outdoor Recreation Organizations | Yacht Clubs and Boating Organizations | Municipal, State and Federal Government Agencies  | Chamber and Business Organizations

One River

Offering Delaware River stakeholders a seat at a new table.


Dana Russikoff

President & Founder


Ryan R. Keller

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